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Life and AD&D Insurance

The district provides Basic Life and AD&D insurance at no cost to benefits-eligible employees through Minnesota Life Insurance Company. Life insurance benefits pay your beneficiary if you die while covered (subject to policy exclusions). AD&D insurance benefits pay you if you have a covered loss as the direct result of an accident. You can purchase Supplemental Life and AD&D coverage for yourself, Spouse Life and AD&D coverage for your spouse and Child Life and AD&D coverage for your child(ren) at group rates. If your spouse also works for the district, one of you can be covered by Supplemental Life and AD&D or Spouse Life and AD&D, but not both. A child may not be insured by more than one employee.

 Coverage Options Benefit Options Maximum Coverage
Basic Life and AD&D $10,000 of Basic Life and $10,000 of AD&D coverage (provided by the district) N/A
Supplmental Life and AD&D 1,2,3,4 or 5x your annual base earnings* $600,000 combined with basic coverage
Spouse Life and AD&D 1,2 or 3x your annual base earnings No more than the amount of Supplemental Life or $100,000, whichever is less**
Child Life and AD&D

$5,000 per child

$10,000 per child

$15,000 per child

$20,000 per child

* Annual earnings do not include bonuses, commissions, overtime pay, shift differential, your employer’s contributions on your behalf to any deferred compensation or pension plan or any other extra compensation. The value of the coverage you select is based on your annual base earnings the preceding October 1 or the date you become benefits eligible, if later.
* * Spouse coverage amount cannot exceed the employee supplemental coverage amount.
* * * Your cost for child coverage is the same no matter how many eligible children you insure. Child coverage is not effective until Supplemental coverage is approved.


Coverage amounts are rounded to the next $1,000. When you reach age 70, the amount of insurance you select is reduced to 65%. At age 75, it is reduced to 50% of your original coverage amount. Your cost of coverage is based on your age on January 1 of the plan year and the level of coverage you select. For Spouse Life and AD&D, your cost of spouse coverage is based on your spouse’s age on January 1 of the plan year and the level of coverage you select.

View premium rates per pay period and coverage options.


Learn More about Life and AD&D

For more information on Life and AD&D Insurance, go to Minnesota Life Insurance Company, call 1-800-872-2214 or review the Life and AD&D Insurance FAQs.